Methadone Clinics and Their Role in Recovery

client6As individuals enter methadone treatment, there are generally two important considerations. The first is dealing effectively with opiate withdrawal and establishing early relief from withdrawal sickness. The second consideration is embarking upon the more enduring process of holistic addiction recovery.

Methadone clinics function not only to relieve physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal, but to introduce their clients to a program of skill development, lifestyle change, and positive self-direction. Addiction recovery can encompass many things: becoming drug free, restoring health, gaining knowledge, achieving insight, applying new practices & behaviors, developing support, setting new goals, and discovering one's personal potential.

For the opioid addicted individual, methadone treatment offers a rare synergistic advantage built upon the combination of medication-assistance with recovery counseling. It is this combined approach that is so helpful to the methadone client in recovery.

Addiction is a true brain disease with underlying chemical & neurological changes which perpetuate the addicted state. Addiction is also a behavior & thinking problem that, unless corrected, can leave a client vulnerable to relapse and future failure. Additionally, there are other important considerations that may feed into the recovery process such as housing, employment, and the management of mental health issues.

Methadone clinics, and methadone treatment staff, are equipped to assist clients with the above listed needs. Either through provision of their own in-house services, through collaboration with local partner agencies, or through referral to outside specialists. Methadone clinics are often a client's first experience with comprehensive care.