BrightView provides a new kind of addiction treatment that couples a patient focused and evidence-based approach with a commitment to improve as many lives as they can. The organization utilizes the latest technologies, therapies and concepts to assist patients in living the lives they deserve. BrightView aims to give patients a quality treatment experience so that they can receive the support they need to overcome addiction, and achieve a brighter future.

BrightView’s medication-assisted treatment programs work by providing proven medicines like buprenorphine, suboxone, vivitrol and methadone in conjunction with supportive therapy.

BrightView states on their website that it takes courage to face one’s drug addiction, and that they are proud of patients for taking the first step at fighting substance use disorder. At BrightView treatment centers, their experienced team of caring and trusted professionals will work together to give you the best possible tools and support to successfully reach your goals through their outpatient program.

BrightView treatment centers accept Medicaid, Medicare and other forms of insurance as payment for their addiction treatment programs. They also offer payment plans for patients that will be paying for substance abuse treatment without assistance.