Choosing Methadone Treatment Saves Lives

wanda3Many methadone clients have echoed the sentiment "Methadone saved my life." When someone has become entangled in the web of addiction, hope and answers are difficult to come by.

The never ending roller coaster ride of opiate dependency is both a physical and mental drain on those who suffer with it. Trying to not be sick becomes a daily preoccupation.

For the opiate addicted person, methadone treatment is both a medical answer and a new path … which offers not only a sense of physical relief, but a chance to get off of the roller coaster for the first time in many years. A majority of clients in methadone treatment restart their lives.

The value of a second chance cannot be overstated. Methadone, used properly, is a remarkable stabilizing force. Who is a methadone client? Our brother, our mother, our boss, our friend. When a sick person we love becomes well, we don't ask why. We simply say thank goodness they've been given another chance.