Memphis Suboxone Doctors

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Memphis offers a broad selection of local doctors who are authorized to prescribe buprenorphine for opiate addiction and opiate withdrawal. Buprenorphine is the additive in the well-known medicine, suboxone, which eliminates opioid withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and diarrhea. Physicians approved for suboxone therapy have received training in the appropriate administration of suboxone. Buprenorphine/suboxone has acquired an excellent reputation in the medical community as a result of its comparatively good safety profile and its impressive efficacy in alleviating opiate withdrawal sickness. If you are a local physician who treats Memphis residents, you may purchase a featured listing at the top of this page insuring that your medical services will be found by prospective patients searching our website for quality opioid treatment.

Memphis Buprenorphine Suboxone Doctors
Melvin Lynn Hobbs, M.D. 1750 Madison Avenue
Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 748-5002
Todd Frederick Brooks, M.D. 220 South Claybrook
Suite 202
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 276-4895
Jerry L. Lovelace, Jr., M.D. 1488 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 726-4110
Paula M. Sandler, M.D. 1614 Tutwiler Avenue
Memphis, TN 38107
(901) 746-9420
Dinia Cruz, M.D. 5180 Park Avenue, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 458-4887
Vernois Buggs, M.D. 2600 Poplar Avenue
Suite 310
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 458-4886
Milagros de Vera Pascual, M.D. 2009 Lamar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38114
(901) 969-5542
Lalitha Vaddadi, M.D. 2579 Douglass Avenue
Memphis, TN 38114
(901) 369-1480
Lucas Anthony Trautman, M.D. Lucas A Trautman, MD, MPH, PLLC
4646 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 821-9658
Usha B. Swamy, M.D. 5118 Park Avenue
Suite 540
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 507-8191
Douglas Edgar Jones, D.O. 6005 Park Avenue
Suite 502
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 598-3395
Melvyn A. Levitch, M.D. 3960 Knight Arnold Road
Suite 301
Memphis, TN 38118
(901) 369-6933
Iffat Tameez, M.D. Prime Urgent Clinic
6515 Poplar Avenue, Suite 106
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 762-0700
Mark Gore Luttrell, M.D. 1355 Lynnfield Building B
Suite 158
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 685-1845
Usha B. Swamy, M.D. 1355 Lynfield Road
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 685-1845
Jan H. Petri, M.D. 1355 Lynnfield Building B
Suite 147
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 685-1845
James Herbert Shull, M.D. 2900 Kirby
Suite 1
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 757-0655
Richard Guerard Farmer, M.D. 1355 Lynnfield, Building B
Suite 147
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 685-1845
Charlotte A. DeFlumere, M.D. 1715 Aaron Brenner Drive
Suite 326
Memphis, TN 38120
(901) 405-6470
Subbulaxmi S. Rayudu, M.D. 7219 Winchester Street
Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 624-1101
Sreedhar Rao Rayudu, M.D. 7219 Winchester Road
Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 624-1101
Jacqueline Denise Moses, M.D. Life Help Retreat
3249 Homewood Drive
Memphis, TN 38128-4409
(901) 486-8800
Kenneth Frank Tullis, M.D. 5158 Stage Road
Suite 120
Memphis, TN 38134
(901) 383-1924
Shubi Razdan Mukatira, M.D. 8336 Macon Rd.
Cordova, TN 38108
(901) 682-3035
John J. Harris, M.D. 5050 Poplar Avenue
Suite 511
Memphis, TN 38157
(901) 682-3035


Memphis Comprehensive Treatment Center

Memphis Comprehensive Treatment Center
3000 Getwell Rd.
Memphis, TN 38118

Phone: (901) 308-4024

Treatment Types
Methadone Maintenance
Suboxone Maintenance
Buprenorphine Maintenance

At Memphis Comprehensive Treatment Center, we provide top-notch medication-assisted treatment for individuals ages 18 and older who are grappling with opioid addiction. Offering complete and comprehensive care, our program includes a healthy blend of both effective medications and therapeutic interventions.

With a staff of highly talented and skilled doctors, nurses, and counselors, Memphis Comprehensive Treatment Center is able to provide patients with a warm, inviting environment where they can focus on their healing. Our team of professionals is experienced in providing care for those individuals who are struggling with addiction, as they consistently monitor the administration of all medications offered to ensure that each patient is getting the most from his or her treatment.


Caution: Street Oxycodone Might Be Fentanyl

Minnesota officers recently seized a large quantity of fentanyl in the Midwest based on extensive investigation and “very, very good police work”.

The drug bust removed enough fentanyl pills to kill over 1 million people, and the suspected dealer now faces federal charges for possessing a large quantity of synthetic opioids.

Of particular concern was that the fentanyl doses had been pressed into a familiar pill that was indistinguishable from that provided in a typical oxycodone prescription. So oxycodone obtained on the street now presents with a much higher risk of fatal overdose than was previously thought.

The article reported that large quantities of fentanyl continue to come across the U.S. southern border. The U.S. Senate is currently examining how this influx of fentanyl is impacting American communities as drug seizures hit historic levels.

Those currently struggling in active opioid addiction should explore getting professional help as soon as possible. Fentanyl “in disguise” is making its way across the country.

Learn About: Acadia’s Comprehensive Treatment Centers
Learn About: BrightView’s Local Addiction Treatment

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Over 1 Billion Dollars to Fight Opioid Crisis

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services has awarded $1.5 billion in an effort to support States in their fight against opioid addiction.

The grant programs will provide funding to increase access to “24/7 Opioid Treatment Programs”. $104 million will be specifically allocated to bring treatment services to rural areas of the country that have been historically underserved.

While stabilizing and rebuilding lives through medication-assisted treatment is a priority, the prevention of overdose deaths is a distinct goal of the new funding initiative. Major confiscation of fentanyl continues month to month as law enforcement authorities intercept huge quantities of the drug pouring across the southern border.

Another $20.5 million is being earmarked for the development of programs that help connect individuals with addiction issues to local community resources that can enhance their overall recovery effort.

Additional focus will be placed on increasing the availability of naloxone which is the emergency medication that can quickly reverse the effects of opioid overdose. Thousands of lives have been saved in the last 10 years through the timely administration of naloxone to those who have overdosed.

The White House report outlines further efforts to disrupt global drug trafficking through the addition of more law enforcement officers.

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First Ever Mobile Methadone Clinic

Providence, Rhode Island is the first location in the United States to offer a mobile methadone service. This article profiles CODAC Behavioral Health who operate a 27 foot RV that has been modified to function as a mobile methadone unit.

The concept behind this innovative approach is to bring essential medication-assisted treatment services to the rural areas of Rhode Island where many prospective patients are underserved.

Access to methadone and buprenorphine-based treatments remains an ongoing challenge as nearly 83% of those with opioid use disorder (OUD) are not yet utilizing medication to help with their opioid withdrawal symptoms. Opioid withdrawal sickness is the primary driver of illicit opioid use, opioid overdose, and lifestyle disruption.

CODAC received their FDA approval in July 2022 to begin dispensing methadone from their mobile unit.

Methadone clinics are a lifesaver for many thousands of recovering individuals across the country. There are a number of new clinics opening each week, but the provision of a methadone mobile service offers an interesting alternative that will be closely watched and evaluated in the years ahead.

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BrightView Offers Local Addiction Treatment

BrightView provides high quality addiction treatment with a specialty in opioid addiction recovery. Currently, the organization operates in six states: Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.

BrightView was originally founded by a doctor, a lawyer, and a businessman with the intent of transforming addiction medicine. In Cincinnati, opioid addiction had severely impacted the local community as it had done in so many other areas of the country.

Consequently, BrightView founders wanted to design a system of service delivery that would make it easy for people affected by opioid addiction to get the help they needed with minimal obstacles and delays.

While most BrightView clinics specialize in the use of buprenorphine, suboxone, and vivitrol, several clinics also offer methadone. Their recovery model is built upon a combination of top tier medication-assisted treatment in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies.

In addition to opioid-specific treatment services, BrightView also offers specialized treatment for alcohol, methamphetamine, and other substance use disorders. Being patient-centered is a hallmark of the company’s approach to helping.

Most BrightView facilities can see a patient within 24 hours of calling for an appointment. If interested in contacting BrightView, you can reach them at 866-928-5995.

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