Methadone Clinic Transportation

bridgeOne of the chief hurdles clients face in considering methadone treatment is how convenient it will be to get to the methadone clinic for daily dosing. Metropolitan areas traditionally have a timely bus system and access to taxis, but those in rural areas can often find themselves stuck in the country with no way to get to the clinic.

Family members and close friends often become part of the equation providing a daily ride until a client can earn methadone take home privileges. Some clients have their own car, but the cost of gas can be a detrimental factor. Clients with children and limited income, or with a verifiable disability, may be eligible for Medicaid transportation. Any person can apply for Medicaid benefits through their county Department of Social Services.

Attending a clinic session to dose with methadone is a “medical appointment” and generally covered under approved Medicaid services. At our clinic in North Carolina, a number of clients are brought each day to the clinic by Medicaid transportation in order to participate in their treatment.

Another factor to consider in utilizing a methadone clinic is the clinic’s designated dosing time. Some clinics provide a wide window of time in which you can arrive to be dosed. Other smaller clinics may have more restricted hours of operation. Consequently, a person may have to observe time carefully to make sure they arrive before closing time in order to dose. Many clinics will accommodate a late client if that client has a legitimate reason for arriving late and calls ahead before closing time to inform the clinic nurse of their dilemma. However, it is always best to consult first with clinic staff to learn of their policy on arriving late and late dosing.

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