Take Our Online Methadone Assessment

methadone36bMethadone.US is now offering a free online methadone assessment. The assessment is meant to help site visitors review treatment interventions that may be appropriate for them based on their self-reported level of opioid dependency.

If you are a family, friend, or professional visiting the site, please feel free to refer those with an opioid addiction, and invite them to complete the assessment online. It takes very little time, is free, and visitors do not have to reveal their identity. The methadone assessment scores users' responses and then offers results & recommendations immediately following completion of the assessment.

Methadone.US aims to connect opioid addicted individuals with local treatment resources that can help them change their lives. Online assessments are useful tools for increasing a person's awareness of options. Choice, in addiction recovery, is a powerful and beneficial component of positive change. Thanks for visiting Methadone.US!