Methadone Clinic Availability Follows Population

methadone31Methadone clinic availability seems to follow states with high population numbers or with a substantial population growth curve. The most populated states, in order, are: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Accordingly, these six states also have the highest concentration of methadone clinics although New York has more clinics than Texas, and both Illinois and Pennsylvania provide more clinics than does Florida (even though Florida's population exceeds both states).

On the lower end of methadone clinic availability in the United States are South Dakota (population 819,261), North Dakota (pop. 646,086), and Wyoming (pop. 548,870). None of these states currently have a methadone clinic in operation. One might surmise that their state tax revenue is comparatively lower than most other states. Whether this is a contributing factor to the absence of methadone treatment is an interesting question. Also, might these states have a lower percentage of opioid addiction relative to states with larger metropolitan cities?

Somewhat oddly, Mississippi (the 31st ranked state with nearly 3 million residents) has only one methadone maintenance clinic in the entire state. Alaska (with only 697,228 residents) has two methadone clinics, one in each of its two largest cities: Anchorage and Fairbanks.

A trend has emerged in the past decade in which methadone treatment availability is spreading across America. Many smaller, rural towns now have a local methadone clinic to help those with an opioid addiction. No doubt, more clinics are needed, and will be built. Methadone treatment is like most any other valuable medical service in that it improves quality of life. And this is important … everywhere.