Symetria Recovery is on a mission to change the way drug and alcohol issues are treated. Traditional treatment that’s all-or-nothing leaves too many patients with nothing. It’s time for personalized medicine and care teams that truly care. Our high standards attract well-known behavioral health professionals from across the country. Their commitments to ethics and patient success are backed by the highest accreditation in the industry.

With more than 3,550 alumni, there’s a reason Symetria is the #1 outpatient rehab in Illinois and Texas. It started with three simple, yet game-changing core beliefs.

Addiction is a Disease – A treatable disease with evidence-based and research-backed medications and therapies.
Co-occurring Mental Health Conditions Should Be Addressed – Underlying issues like depression, anxiety or trauma continue negative cycles that lead to substance abuse if not diagnosed and effectively treated.
Patients Deserve Respect, Not Judgement – Everyone deserves compassionate one-on-one care that meets them where they’re at — focused on listening not demanding.



Symetria Recovery