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Texas Methadone and Opioid Treatment Programs

texas-methadoneTexas is America’s second largest state by size and second in total population figures with just over 25 million people. Adding to Texas’ impressive statistics is the fact that Texas has five of the country’s top 20 largest cities: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth.

The U.S. database of opioid treatment clinics currently lists 81 separate methadone clinics in operation throughout Texas. Many of these methadone program clinics also offer suboxone. This number does not include the individual suboxone-approved physicians in private practice. That number is many times larger. For example, there are 132 suboxone doctors in Houston alone. These numbers offer some indication of the magnitude of America’s opioid abuse problem as well as the ever increasing availability of treatment professionals ready to help.

The diversity of opioid treatment programs is somewhat revealing too with many being private clinics, and others being state-funded or affiliated with area mental health centers or general substance abuse programs. More clinics are based out of the (VA) Veterans Administration Hospital system while some are supported through the research or medical school division of the State University system.

Opioid addiction is a subject of considerable interest to addiction researchers as well as private pharmaceutical companies. That addiction is recognized as a legitimate medical condition lends serious examination, and commitment, to discovering causes of addiction as well as potential treatments.

Texas is a state that has a very well-developed medical research network and general above-average health care delivery system. These characteristics can only help to advance opioid addiction treatment, either directly or indirectly, and perhaps lead more people into medication-assisted addiction recovery.

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