Opioid Addiction the Unwanted Companion

methadone91Many decent people have wondered how they ended up in the middle of an opioid addiction. Looking back, they retrace their past wishing they could undo some steps along the way. Facing opioid dependency becomes its own exhausting daily routine. Thinking about the past hurts, and looking forward brings worry. So one sits in the moment feeling a certain pain that just won't go away.

As addiction and its related problems fester, and infiltrate the important aspects of one's life, worry and anxiety become familiar feelings. These painful feelings will deepen addiction for some people as they become paralyzed with indecision and regret. Many fall further into their opioid dependency as they numb the pain with more drug use. This, of course, is not the answer.

If change is to occur, there are decisions which the addicted person must make. Addiction can be a devastating illness, yes. But addiction is also treatable, and this must never be forgotten. The progressive nature of opiate addiction means that the addiction worsens over time (progresses) unless the addicted individual does something to arrest the disease progression.

This is where treatment enters the picture. Many lives have been saved, and futures restored, by simply making the decision to get help. Getting help means accepting responsibility for choosing, and then staying the course. Methadone treatment programs, and other treatment options, are available. Treatment, and recovery, are not easy. But they are definitely worth the effort. Recovery brings light, opens doors, and reconnects one to the things that make life worthwhile again. This is the promise of recovery.

Seeking treatment may require some patience. Do not get discouraged. Sometimes, asking someone to help you find treatment resources can go a long way. Remember, you are worth it. And things can change. Methadone, suboxone, detox, inpatient rehab, and other treatment interventions are available. Step onto a new path.