Methadone Clinics in the Community

client79Methadone clinics provide a vital medical service to those with an opioid addiction. However, many people in society have a distorted view of what a methadone clinic represents. Clinics almost always operate smoothly and quietly while blending into the background of the communities in which they are located.

A recent article highlights the irrational fear, and obvious bias, that some uninformed individuals hold toward those in methadone treatment. Habit OPCO Inc. sought to open a clinic in Dunmore, PA but received considerable opposition even though the proposed site for the clinic was located in a commercial zone.

In reference to the proposed clinic, the town of Dunmore instituted an ordinance requiring that a methadone clinic not be constructed within a half mile of a church, school, playground, day care, senior center, charitable institution, liquor store, or any hotel that serves alcohol. These prohibitions show a serious degree of paranoia which only perpetuates unrealistic stereotypes of those who seek methadone treatment as a service.

Habit OPCO have challenged Dunmore's ordinance citing its discriminatory nature and that Dunmore are placing conditions on methadone clinics that are not applied to other medical facilities and services.

The stigma around methadone clinics, and their clients, is unfair and unjustified. Communities are actually safer when life saving treatments are made available to those with an opioid addiction. There is no reason for any community leader to take an alarmist position in regard to the opening of a methadone clinic. People with an addiction who are seeking help should not be discriminated against. In time, this will change. Fortunately, it already has in some communities.

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