Baltimore Methadone Clinics

baltimoreIn reviewing the abundance of opioid treatment programs across the country, it was interesting to compare larger metropolitan cities with some of America's smaller, more rural towns. Typically, big cities have a higher concentration of methadone clinics and rural areas might have one or two programs.

One standout is the city of Baltimore, Maryland which currently provides 27 methadone clinics. By contrast, Brooklyn has 25. Brooklyn is the largest borough of New York City with a population of approximately 2.5 million people. Boston, obviously a densely populated metro city, has only five opioid treatment programs.

A positive development over the last decade was the emergence of more opioid treatment programs in rural America. Here is an example. Boone is a North Carolina college town of just over 14,000 people. Ten years ago they had no methadone programs. Today, they have two clinics, likely due in large part to the town's increased student population when Appalachian State University kicks into high gear each fall.

Historically, many opioid addicted individuals have had to travel great distances to become clients of a methadone treatment program. Thankfully, opioid treatment programs are becoming much more accessible. While not always readily accepted by local area residents, methadone clinics serve a critical need in the community. And their availability brings many benefits.