Behavioral Health Group (BHG) uses a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy that is patient-centric and individualized. Each of our treatment centers is staffed by experienced addiction physicians, counselors, and nurses. Our outpatient treatments use all three FDA approved medications for Opioid Use Disorder – Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Suboxone – with counseling and behavioral therapy based on each patient’s needs. BHG has the largest network of Joint Commission-accredited outpatient opioid treatment and recovery centers in the U.S.

We understand that the path to recovery from opioid use disorder is different for everyone. Our personalized outpatient treatment and recovery care lets patients keep family close, jobs active, and daily life normal while quitting opioid use. Our highly trained clinicians and counselors meet each patient where they are on their journey and guide them through their personalized care pathway to achieve long-term recovery. Each patient meets regularly with their care team members and medications and counseling are adjusted as needed throughout their treatment program.

What you may not know. Due to the way that opioids alter brain function, treatment plans that do not use recovery medications will be less effective and may put the patient in more harm. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) significantly increases a patient’s adherence to treatment. Medications can be used to manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, and treat co-occurring conditions, and when coupled with both medical and mental health services as needed are considered the gold standard for treatment and recovery. Listed below are BHG’s treatment centers featured on Methadone.US:












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Behavioral Health Group (BHG)