Birmingham Methadone Treatment

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This city has several area methadone clinics providing methadone replacement therapy and structured counseling. Available via local physicians is suboxone (with buprenorphine) which provides relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms for a significant number of people. Below are links to more info on methadone program effectiveness, opioid dependency, addiction & recovery counseling, and job openings in methadone clinics.

Birmingham Methadone Clinics
Birmingham Metro Treatment Center 151 Industrial Drive
Birmingham, AL 35211
(205) 941-1799
Tri County Treatment Center 1101 East Park Drive
Birmingham, AL 35235
(205) 836-3345


Birmingham Buprenorphine Providers
Patience Hodges Claybon, M.D. 1716 14th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 933-6151
Norman Dee Huggins, M.D. UABMC 401 Beacon Pwky West
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 917-3786
Lyman W. Fritz, M.D. 3401 Independence Drive
Suite 241
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 877-8585
William J. Lupinacci, M.D. 880 Montclair Road
Suite 570
Birmingham, AL 35213
(205) 591-7246
Robert Ty Thomas, M.D. 860 Montclair Road
Suite 251
Birmingham, AL 35213
(205) 332-3155
Rodolfo M. Veluz, M.D. 840 Montclair Road
Suite 606
Birmingham, AL 35213
(205) 599-2460
Christopher Rucker Hill, M.D. 880 Montclair Road
Suite 570
Birmingham, AL 35213
(205) 591-7246
Stephanie Marie Hightower, M.D. 1160 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 815-5000
Timothy Alwyn Gooden, M.D. 1160 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 815-5000
Duane W. King, M.D. 1160 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 815-5000
Howard M. Strickler, M.D. 1160 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 815-5000
James G. Sullivan, M.D. 1160 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 815-5000
James Davis Blake 1575 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, AL 35216
(205) 979-3381
Drake Brendan Williams, M.D. 3333 South Brookwood Road
Birmingham, AL 35223
(251) 654-1348
Jack W. Murbach, M.D. 16 Office Park Circle
Suite 13
Birmingham, AL 35223
(205) 871-7166
Mohammad Aminul Islam, M.D. 840 Mountain Branch Drive
Birmingham, AL 35226
(205) 996-5086
Chauncey Benedict Thuss, Jr., M.D. 2124 4th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 945-8185
Robert Henry Carlson III 2729 3rd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 731-9090
Robert E. Ray, M.D. 2124 4th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 731-9090
Elizabeth Campbell Korcz, M.D. 3421 S. Shades Crest Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35244
(205) 733-6676
Chenyin Yang, M.D. 700 19th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 933-8101
Ronald Moon, Jr., D.O. 820 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 327-5030
Seth Wilson Poole, M .D. 2124 4th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 731-9090
Tom Welch, M.D. 1101 East Park Drive
Birmingham, AL 35235
(205) 836-3345
Steven Bruce Hefter, M.D. 5510 Highway 280
Suite 117
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 991-3200
Thomas George Harrell, M.D. 311 Carnoustie Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 877-8585
Victor Estrada Mendoza, M.D. 5130 Cyrus Circle
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 981-0414
Jerry B. Hankins, M.D. Narrows Health And Wellness, Llc
151 Narrows Parkway, Unit 110
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 444-9550
Morris Wayne Cochran, M.D. Narrows Health and Wellness
151 Narrows Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 444-9550
Stephen M. Taylor, M.D., M.P.H. 3500 Blue Lake Drive
Suite 260
Birmingham, AL 35243-1903
(205) 968-6552

Right Path Treatment Centers

Right Path provide a variety of opioid, alcohol, and other drug addiction treatment services through their various outpatient programs located in Virginia and North Carolina.

The organization utilizes Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorders, and they provide confidential consultation to individuals who are trying to determine the best of course of treatment for dealing with their addiction issues. Right Path are equipped to now provide the new Probuphine implant that utilizes time-released buprenorphine to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms as individual pursue a solid, long-term personal recovery.

Right Path endorse the benefits of 12 Step philosophy while also incorporating a strong medical component in their opioid recovery program due to the statistically high percentage of opioid addicted people who will ultimately relapse without medication-assisted support.

Read more about Right Path’s services and counseling approach at the link above.

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Access to Addiction Treatment

methadone31Many state-funded addiction treatment services have undergone gradual cuts during the last 15 years. With the rising opioid addiction crisis in America, better access to opioid treatment is definitely needed.

There are a number of private clinics and outpatient treatment centers opening their doors in most every state. These private clinics are meeting a need for services that are often absent in more remote areas of the country.

Some new opioid treatment providers are smaller, independent methadone clinics while others are part of a larger network such as those owned by Acadia Healthcare, Behavioral Health Group (BHG), or Colonial Management Group.

They all have one thing in common, and it is that they provide their patients with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is scientifically proven to be more effective than other forms of abstinence-based treatment.

Medication assistance typically utilizes methadone or buprenorphine-based products to alleviate a patient’s chronic opioid withdrawal. Without medication-assistance, patients often face either a detox admission or they struggle on in a daily effort to secure opiates so as to prevent the return of withdrawal sickness.

People ready for opioid treatment may find that their local methadone clinic is full, or that their nearest clinic is just too far away to access on a daily basis. For some patients, suboxone/buprenorphine may be the best solution since a prescription can be obtained for several weeks of medication before a return visit is required.

Access to treatment is currently on the radar of national healthcare officials and government legislators, many of whom have received numerous letters and calls from families requesting more funding for treatment, and better access. Media coverage has also been much improved during the past 3 years in part due to the widespread opioid crisis and its broad impact.

Supporting local opioid addiction treatment services is important for every community. It ultimately saves lives, reduces crime, and promotes recovery so that addicted patients can work and function.

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21st Century Cures Act

opioid-treatment-fundingThe U.S. House of Representatives just passed a sweeping reform, called the 21st Century Cures Act, that will infuse $1 billion in new funding earmarked for opioid treatment and prevention services.

It has taken several years of alarming statistics on the national opioid epidemic, but Congress has responded. This USA Today article provides an overview of the numbers. In addition to the $1 billion for opioid services will be another $4.8 billion for cutting-edge research around treating Alzheimers, cancer, traumatic brain injury, and other medical issues.

The bill received enormous bipartisan support and passed 392-to-26. In 2016, death by drug overdose surpassed death by car crashes and gun fatalities. The public outcry for government intervention has been steady. With so many families having been affected by addiction issues, the new funding allowance should open doors for opioid treatment particularly in rural areas where opioid services have been severely lacking.

Methadone remains the #1 medication-assisted treatment option. Buprenorphine medications are; however, making a big impact in the treatment field with a wide variety of buprenorphine-based formulations coming to market. In addition to the familiar suboxone film, are probuphine (a buprenorphine implant), subutex (an uncoated buprenorphine tablet), and bunavail.

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New National Buprenorphine Website

buprenorphine-websiteBuprenorphine.US is the newly developed companion website to Methadone.US. Methadone has been in use as an opioid addiction treatment medication for nearly 50 years. In 2002, buprenorphine became available in the U.S. as a new alternative for people suffering with opioid addiction. Since then, various medications containing buprenorphine have been released such as suboxone and zubsolv.

Buprenorphine for opioid addiction treatment can only be prescribed by qualified physicians who have received training on the proper use of buprenorphine. As the opioid addiction problem grew over the last 15 years, many thousands of doctors pursued training and were approved in the use of buprenorphine-based medications to treat opiate addiction.

At Methadone.US, we have served over 1 million U.S. visitors since the website’s launch in 2011. Buprenorphine.US will aim to connect many more individuals with qualified physicians who can help them in their journey toward a genuine recovery and improved quality of life.

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Methadone Clinics Offer Important Medical Service

methadone clinics medication assistanceThere are currently well over 1000 methadone clinics in operation across the United States and many more throughout the world. Methadone has been a leading treatment intervention for opioid addiction for more than 40 years. Methadone is an FDA-approved medication and it’s use in treating opioid addiction has been identified by SAMHSA as a best practice, evidence-based treatment approach.

Adding to the legacy of methadone as a successful treatment medium are the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have been able to totally eliminate the severe opioid withdrawal sickness that wrecked their lives. The value of this medical benefit is priceless.

The cost for participating in a methadone program varies from clinic to clinic and in part depends on whether the clinic receives any state funding or accepts Medicaid for payment. Many clinics operate as private practices funded primarily through patient self-payment. Private clinics often offer a substantial discount for patients that pay for a month of services in advance.

Due to methadone’s proven efficacy, many addicted people experience rapid relief from opiate withdrawal and find themselves eating and sleeping more normally, gaining weight, and able to work again. They are able to pursue other goals & responsibilities that had previously become too difficult in their active addiction.

Methadone is a powerful medication that must be taken as prescribed and in conjunction with good counseling. When a patient is willing to embrace medication-assisted treatment and to utilize it properly, recovery can happen. This life restoration process is demonstrated on a daily basis all around the country.

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